Fall 2015:

Giant Rock in the way of where upper path is going.  That little kubota has met its match!!

The NorthWest Side of House.  Covered the rigid insulation with the rubber membrane.  Getting ready to start covering with 2" round rock. 
Everything lapped like shingles on a house

Fall West end umbrella

Rocks keep foam from blowing away.  Plastic was used here b/c we had it and were running low on money. 
We put it where we thought there was least chance of having it get penetrated.  It will get alot of fill ontop of it.
Rugs are put on first THEN the 2" stone 4"s or so...THEN the native earth.

East End backfilled

Here is covered up.  You can see the old rugs ..then the stone.  Under the machine is the dirt.  Moving the dirt to create a path over stone.  Again..and again! woot!

Fireplace going

The rock patio in front of house.

Summer 2015

South of House

This is in front of house.  Covering up a rubber membrane.  Trying to make it 5"'s or so.

South Backfill

Here we are back filling over the stone which covers membrane.