April 20 2016:

Quiet, Torque, Space for family/friends to come along :D

Feb 21 2016:

Maple Boilin

2nd boiling of the year.  45-50 taps .  First batch this year was best i ever made.  Its been
a bit over a week now of freezing temps so buckets have been frozen.  Hoping sap will be running
for a bit now.  Evaporator set up nice, burin' clean effecient, despite its redneck looks :D

Feb 13 2016:

Looking at our house...man it feels so nice this year to have this filled in.  The umbrella is now complelty done and back filled. 
I need to add more backfilling in places but its not getting blow around etc. 

The umbrella is making a HUGE difference in temp this winter.  Its tough to say exactly b/c we had a easy winter so far compared to last year. 
But last year with the umbrella only 4' out the temp bottomed out with no wood stove heat at 48 to 50.  This year the coldest its been in the house with no heat was 56. 
Im interested to see what happens next year.  We only had the umbella on barely before the winter so I don't think much temp was stored from summer 2015.
  Its suppoed to take 2 to 3 years to find its new equalibian.  We still have some drafts to sure up around doors so i'm hoping for even better next year.
So far this year we have went through roughly a 1/2 chord of a blend of oak and popple.

This is the current grade at west end of house.  This will be filled in more from fill from lowering the driveway.  On the far hill is a path I cut in that took a lot of energy. 
The trick is that the upper path had to connect with old logging trail.  So until this wasy connected with our driveway the lay of the land would never be set. 
Took me a couple months ....lots of rootballs 4' etc to move to get it close to where i want it.  Its starting to feel nice now.  Needs a bit more work this summer.


Changed the direction of our fireplace.  Really worked out well. It angles towards the living room/great room now.  It also stores wood to the side of it much better now. 
If we have a long stretch coming up we can even stack out a bit of the floor but it stays stable.  Dries nicely before burning.  To the left the axes chill with a bucket for kindling.